Live Music Club "Tamsta" - for the music lovers and for the connoisseurs


The live music club "Tamsta", located in the old town of Vilnius (Subačiaus str.11a), attracts people of all ages, who appreciate different musical styles. It does not matter how old you are or what's your occupation, here you are bound to find the music you like and a nice company of people having fun.


When creating the events schedule, the hospitable club owners always try to cater to a wide variety of live music lovers tastes. Each week the club's program is enriched with colorful and well-known Lithuanian bands and guest-stars from abroad. Live music is played in "Tamsta" from Wednesday to Saturday, and almost all Lithuanian singers and bands, promoting the live music, have already managed to appear on this club's stage. Music professionals from abroad are always welcome here. The club is also providing significant space for young musicians’ imagination.  The first Saturday of the month became a tradition now. For five years running it is given to dance club - the crazy lindyhopers team with swinging dance and music performances. For more information about them go to: Club owners are also happy to have an opportunity to acquaint their visitors with the latest non-commercial films, which are presented by "Kino pavasaris" film festival organisers.


This year's, like last year's, as well as next year's summer the club will be closed, but the last weekend of July all Lithuanian music lovers are welcome at "Tamsta Music" festival in Varėna, on the "Valley of Songs" (Lith. "Dainų slėnis") island. First time held in 2009, the festival was visited by several thousand people. It was warmly received not only by the visitors, but also by both music critics and journalists. For more information, see the "Tamsta Music" Festival official website:


Club can accommodate about 350 people, with 180 seated places.


For more information or to reserve a table at the club, please call: (8-5) 2124498 (IV 10:00 to 18:00 hrs.), mob. 869836121, 861156496, 861256058 Or e-mail:


Persons under 18 years are admitted to the club only with parent escorts.